Cina Associates

"In this other earth the colors are much purer and more brilliant than they are down here. The mountains and stones have a richer gloss, a livelier transparency and intensity of hue." —Socrates
Cina Associates created a "no expenses spared" folio for Bradley G. Munkowitz aka GMUNK. It combined some of his best early infrared photography juxtaposed by our design. The heavyweight Japanese cloth folio has an inlaid metallic proof of ownership and each section has a divider plate with translucent vellum to separate and protect each print. 

Top view showing Red cloth spine

Custom Die Stamp + Emboss
Japanese Cloth-Bound Cover + Red Cloth Tray Liners and Walls
16” x 21” Finished 
Inlay Window for Metal Certificate of Authenticity Plate

The portfolio was divided up into three sections based on location with full color dividers that help walk the viewer through the process and experience. 

Each book came with a unique 1/1 Metal Print and inlayed Collector information, including Token ID with the Contract Address for collectors. 

Every page has a custom designed vellum sheet to protect and divide each print with detailed information. As the prints progress, each design starts to grow in density and the area it covers up. 


Vellum System: Overlay



Each full color sheet help tell the story of the project, telling the narritive of what the veiwer is about to see. 

Full Vellum System
Concept, Creative Direction, Design, Type, and Production: Cina Associates